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"Love to the Lord means the love or affection of doing His commandments."

(Apocalypse Explained 981)

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  • Changing Lives: God in Songwriting

    When Nora is struggling, she will ask the Lord questions by writing music. And by the time a new song is created, she has the answers she's been searching for.

  • Guilt: Good and Bad

    How can we learn to distinguish between "good guilt" and "bad guilt"?
    Pastor: Rev. Coleman S. Glenn
    Type of Event: Worship Service: Westville, Republic of South Africa
    Date Recorded: : 16 Nov, 2014 Play Audio (MP3)

  • Love is Present

    Jesus said "I was in prison and you came to Me." The thought of prison scares many people. And yet we all experience prison is some way or another, either on the inside or on the outside.
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  • Creativity and Spirituality

    A new issue of New Church Connection magazine explores the relationship between creativity and spirituality. And how the Lord's truth manifests itself in many forms.

  • Changing Lives: Seeking a Divine Design

    After reading the New Testament and finding strong meaning and application to his own life, Zach wondered if others believed in a deeper meaning of the Bible. He discovered a religion that not only provided clarity to scripture, but also to living a truly charitable life.

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