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Welcome to the Palo Alto New Church. Our service begins on 1st & 3rd Sundays at 4:00pm.

Join this Spiritual Growth Program beginning in September!
You are invited to join us in The Journey, a program that will help you take a positive and meaningful step in your personal and spiritual growth. Explore spiritual lessons and practice spiritual growth in a community that is focused on helping individuals, couples, and families make progress on their spiritual walks.
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The Lord's WORD, which we hold as authoritative, teaches us spiritual values and the way to live not only in this world, but also in the world to come. Genuine faith is not simply biblical facts learned and known, but also loved and lived. We believe that genuine goodness is doing what truth dictates. We believe that God's WORD is not only an ancient history but its deeper meaning teaches us the path to spiritual life. All stories, even those that are historically accurate, are parables unfolding the nature of God, the life of heaven and how we ought to live together in this world. For this reason we believe that religion is of life, and the life of religion is to do that which is good.

We are a developing congregation, enjoying the services of a visiting pastor and ministers from other New Church congregations.  For the moment we are having a worship service at  4pm, followed by a doctrinal discussion, which is in turn, frequently followed by a less formal discussion & social gathering.  We enjoy each other's company and look forward to welcoming you into our group.

This Spring we are studying the Ten Commandments, both as originally given, and as they are relevant on many levels in our lives today.  They are an excellent example of the parables, or spiritual sense of the Bible.   Each service we will take up one commandment at a time, addressed first in the readings and sermon, and followed by a small group dicussion ot ways each commandment applies to our lives today.  We have a task, as well, to guide our thinking and actiions to help us appreciate the message on various levels.

Please know that we look forward to the time when your interest and schedule allow you to join us when we can welcome you into our midst.