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Building Healthy Relationships

This fall, starting October 5, begins another in our series of Journey Spiritual Growth Campaigns. This year’s program is titled "Building Healthy Relationships."

What is the Building Healthy Relationships Spiritual Growth Program?

Building Healthy Relationships is a seven-week program where participants are invited to work individually, in small groups, and with a New Church congregation on spiritual growth. Each week will focus on different ways to strengthen our relationships through personal spiritual growth work.

The spiritual growth program has three main components, all coordinated around building healthy relationships: worshiping together on Sunday; participating in a small group for discussion, sharing and support; and individual daily reading. There is power in working together as a committed group to accomplish a goal. Let’s experience the power of life change together.

What Does This Look Like For Me?

There are three basic components of this program:

  1. Worship in an inspiring and enriching environment.
  2. Explore the Building Healthy Relationships workbook and reflect on its life applications.
  3. Participate in a supportive and thought-provoking Small Group.

Small Groups are a key component of this program because they foster a sense of community by providing a place to talk about the concepts discussed in the Building Healthy Relationships workbook. Within Small Groups, participants will be given a chance to get to know others, talk about concepts in the daily readings and insights from the Sunday message, and receive support in the application of these tools to daily life. There are a variety of Small Groups to choose from that meet at different times and locations in order to accommodate busy schedules.

Why Should I Participate?

  • Because you will be given tools to improve your relationships
  • Because you will become more connected with a spiritual community
  • Because you will find a deeper, more fulfilling and more joyful connection with God and other people, and from that, find strength to live a more satisfying and peaceful life

What Will I Learn?

The tools for Building Healthy Relationships are inspired by the lessons given in the Sermon on the Mount from the Gospel of Matthew. We will begin by looking at our lives and noticing the current blessings present. Next, we will work on observing the role we play in our relationships. Following that, we turn to our relationship with God, a core element in sustaining good relationships and caring for others on a deeper level. Then, we will explore the decisions we make and how we can best make choices that reflect our spiritual values. Next, we will turn to the subject of forgiveness and find tools to work through the process of forgiving others. We will then focus on sharing the gifts that God has given us with others and using them to be a blessing to others in our relationships. The program will conclude with opportunities to reflect upon and celebrate the spiritual work we have begun and commit to continue on the trajectory of growth with the vision for what a healthy relationship is, tools to apply, a community to support us and the strength to remain on a positive track.

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