Resources & Sermons

Sunday School Lessons for Elementary (ages 6-12)

We offer a variety of Bible lessons that include projects, hands-on activities, plays, pictures to color, and more!

Creation: Reflection of God

Seven lessons help children learn how the story of creation touches their lives. Comprehensive lessons provide welcome activities, Bible readings, discussions, a choice of activities/projects, memory verses and wrap-ups. Includes experiments, group activities, and service projects. Witness wonders of creation and look at videos that make teaching easy. Order reproducible lessons online.


Joseph: A Man of Integrity

Seven comprehensive lessons provide interactive welcome/warm-up activities, Bible readings, discussions, a choice of projects/activities, memory verses and wrap-up. Games, plays and 3D projects bring the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-48) to life. Videos teach how to assemble projects and do an experiment. Order reproducible lessons online.

New Church Vineyard Educators' Collection

A CD-ROM  featuring 3 years of lessons for ages 6-9; Life of the Lord; Creation-Life After Death-Revelation ; The Story of Israel, plus 2 years of lessons for ages 9-12 on a variety of topics. Additional plays, projects, pictures to color and background for teachers. Search features make it easy to find what you need. More than 4,300 documents for teachers and students of all ages! Order online.

Sample Lessons

For ages 6-9
Life After Death—People Cannot Die (PDF)
The Word Made Flesh (John 1:1-18) (PDF)

For ages 9-12
Promise of Peace and Safety in the Lord’s Kingdom (Isaiah 11:65) (PDF)
Topics from the Writings and How They Apply to Life: The Lord (PDF)

Jacob's Ladder Religion Lessons

A step-by-step study of the Word for ages 5-12. Includes illustrated teacher and student materials, music or reading CDs, and a choice of activities. Great for Sunday School. Order one copy for each child so absentees can make up missed lessons at home. See complete information.

New Church Vineyard

An online resource for all ages. Elementary lessons available for each monthly topic. Menu options enable you to view all options at a glance.

Youth Journey Programs

Each Youth Journey Program provides a seven week set of scripted lessons for all ages.  Level B is designed for ages 7-10; Level C, ages 11-14. Sets include:

Plan a year of lessons by scheduling sets back-to-back. Includes drama, activities, projects and discussion. Minimal preparation. Designed to accompany New Church Journey Programs for adults, but stand alone successfully.


Move hearts with children's music CDs. Use as gentle background or for a lively sing along.  Order online.

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