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Work your spiritual growth, applying the story of Elijah to your own life!

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"The Lord's heaven is never shut, and is so vast as to surpass all belief. "

(Arcana Coelestia 3631)

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  • Church of Mercy

    Explore what it means to be a "church of mercy." Church is not an institution; it is an invitation. How can you 'be the church'?
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  • What is the purpose of church?

    What does it mean to be part of a church? Are churches still relevant in the 21st century?
    Pastor: Rev. Malcolm Smith
    Type of Event: Worship Service: Westville, Republic of South Africa
    Date Recorded: 19 Apr, 2015 Play Audio (MP3)

  • General Church Annual Meeting

    The denominational annual meeting is being held Saturday, June 27 at 2:00pm.

  • The Last Supper

    The story of the Last Supper, as told in Mark 14.
    Simply and beautifully illustrated with felted wool figures.
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  • The New Church Music Scholarship Fund

    Applications are being accepted for the New Church Music Scholarship Fund. The mission of the Fund is to promote the growth of music and music education in our church schools and societies.

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