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Work your spiritual growth, applying the story of Elijah to your own life!

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"Read the Word and believe in the Lord, and you will see the truths which should constitue your faith and life. Everyone whose soul desires it is capable of seeing the truths of the Word in light."

(Apocalypse Revealed 224)

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  • Descriptions of the Divine (Small Group Bible Study)

    The Bible has many metaphors for God: shepherd, king, healer, warrior, and the Word to name a mere few. This small group study explores these metaphors. Gather some friends together and utilize this small group outline as structure and a starting point for a small group study and discussion on the topic (also great for individual study, or with a partner).

  • Finding Our Humanity - Dealing With Our Shadow

    We all have two parts ... a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a part that is loving, kind, considerate and another part of our personality that is angry, resentful, and at times cruel. How do we honestly look at that shadow in a way that brings healing?
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  • Beginning a New Life With the Lord

    Does it even seem possible to make a real and lasting change in your life?
    Pastor: Rev. Malcolm Smith
    Type of Event: Worship Service: Westville, Republic of South Africa
    Date Recorded: 17 Aug, 2014 Play Audio (MP3)

  • What's One Thing You Can Do for a Happy Marriage?

    There's a lot of change that could make you a better person, or have a happy marriage. Changing yourself is daunting. What's one thing that could make a difference?

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