2011 Issue 2

Doubt, Disbelief, and Despair

  • Dealing with Doubt

    In the throes of doubt, approaching the Lord and His Word may seem counterintuitive. But, we can take steps to deal with doubt and the pain that often comes with it.

  • Hope Anyway

    Despair is a powerful feeling. It can cause pain and anxiety and can influence our choices in harmful ways. We explore why despair is so challenging, and offer hope for those fighting against it.

  • What Does It Mean to 'Take Up Our Cross Daily'?

    Easter can be a time to reflect on the Lord's death on the cross and its meaning in our lives. Explore the relationship between the cross and our salvation. If you've ever been puzzled about how Jesus' death on the cross could save us from our sins, read on.

  • 3 Truths to Lean On

    Whether you are in a state of doubt and despair or one of confidence in the Lord's identity and His presence in your life, explore these three ideas that are at the heart of a faith in Him.

  • Changing Lives: A journey out of addiction and toward a new life of service.

    Hannah's experiences at Bryn Athyn College of the New Church and in Thailand, as well as her contact with the New Church religion, sparked an evolution in her own faith.

  • Seeking Answers: Life is Full of Questions

    The Easter story is one of great turmoil but, at the same time, of amazing miracles. Similarly, unsettling doubts and wonderful spiritual transformation can exist side-by-side in our own lives. The Rev. Dr. Andy Dibb offers profound, powerful responses to questions about doubt, the Easter story, and our spiritual journey.

  • Small Groups: Questions Jesus Asks Us...

    We have many questions for the Lord, but what questions does He have for us? Gather some friends together and utilize this small group outline as structure and a starting point for a small group study and discussion (also great for individual study, or with a partner).

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