About the New Church


The new Outreach team serves New Church people in their efforts to build the Lord's Church in people's minds, hearts, and lives. The New Church, based on the teachings of the Old and New Testaments and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, has powerful truths that can change the lives of individuals throughout the world. In an effort to share the teachings of the New Church, this site includes a compilation of resources from many sources, many authors, and many ideas.

More information about various Outreach initiatives.

We hope that what you find here is not only inspirational, but also practical and useful. Please let us know how we can continue to develop this website to meet your needs. Contact General Church Outreach.

  • Dave Lindrooth

    David Lindrooth
    Director, General Church Outreach

  • Bronwen Henry

    Bronwen Henry
    Program Manager/New Church Connection Editor

  • Michelle Chapin

    Michelle Chapin
    Assistant Program Manger

  • Rob Andrews

    Rob Andrews

  • Burgandy Alden Smith

    Burgandy Alden Smith
    Implementation Support Coordinator

  • Sasha Henderson

    Sasha Henderson
    Content Developer/New Church Connection Staff Writer

  • John Odhner

    John Odhner
    Content Developer

  • Anita Halterman

    Anita Halterman
    Assistant to the Director of Outreach