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Why Does God Want to be Worshipped?

"They say that we should worship only the Lord. Someone who doesn't know how worshiping the Lord works could believe that the Lord loves to be worshiped and wants glory from us. This would be like a person, who in order to be honored, gives others what they ask for. Anyone who believes this has absolutely no idea of what love is, and still less what divine love is. Divine love is to want worship and glory not for itself, but for our sake and for our salvation, because those who worship the Lord and give the Lord glory have humility, and self-importance recedes from someone who has humility. The more it recedes, the more we accept the Divine influence, for self-importance is the only thing that blocks the Divine operation, as self-importance is bad and false. This [humble openness to God] is the glory of the Lord, and for this purpose we worship Him." (Emanuel Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia 10646).

"Worshiping the Lord as divine obviously consists in exalting Him above ourselves, which happens in proportion to the depth of one's humility before Him. Humility is essential to the worship of God. When we possess this essential quality, we are in a state in which we accept from the Lord the truth taught by faith and the good urged by neighborly love. So we are in a state in which we worship Him. If we exalt ourselves before the Lord, on the other hand, we close off the inner depths of our mind to the acceptance of goodness and truth from Him." (Emanuel Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia 8271).

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