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Dr. Oz's inspiration


Dr. Oz Finds His TeacherDr. Mehmet Oz is a bestselling author and renowned heart surgeon, and has appeared frequently on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He is Professor of Cardiac Surgery at Columbia University, and is Founder and Chairman of HealthCorps (a non-profit organization that pays a small stipend to recent college graduates to spend two years in high schools mentoring students about health, nutrition, and fitness).

Dr. Oz has found inspiration in his life from the teachings of Emmanuel Swedenborg. You can learn more about these teachings by visiting NewChurch, a new Christianity based on the Old and New Testaments and the Writings of Swedenborg; and more about Swedenborg at Swedenborg's Theology.

You can read about Dr. Oz's inspiration from Swedenborg in an article in Spirituality & Health magazine, titled "Dr. Oz Finds His Teacher", reprinted here in New Church Connection.

He was recently featured in an article titled Oprah Loves This Doctor, in a special edition of Forbes Magazine (Entertainment All Stars edition, page 90), available on newsstands until October 20,2008.